Understand & Benchmark your Demurrage Exposure

Voyager helps commodity traders and manufacturers identify root causes of demurrage, reduce risk and streamline
the entire fixture process.

  • Reduce demurrage costs with better processes and data
  • Automatically calculate laytime with the power of AI, processing SoFs 90% faster.
  • Track every voyage, claim and commercial KPI from pre to post fixture.
Trusted by some of the biggest commodity shippers worldwide
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Voyager Simplifies Demurrage Management


Wet, Dry and Break Bulk Shipping

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Oil & Gas

Why Voyager?

Voyager is redefining maritime operations management for commodity shippers in the oil and gas, mining, metals, chemicals, and agricultural industries.

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Join a community of maritime leaders who are saving time, reducing costs and enhancing efficiency on every voyage. Contact our sales team today and discover how Voyager can propel your success.

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