[Use Case]
Insights from
Voyager’s SoF Parser
& Demurrage Module Pt. II

Efficiency and cost optimization are crucial in maritime operations, and one area that still has significant challenges in this aspect is demurrage.

That’s why for the following month we’ll explore how demurrage data analysis can drive potential saving opportunities through a few practical use cases in a new series: Insights From Voyager's SoF Parser & Demurrage Module.

What will you find inside?

💸 Delve into a revealing SOF snippet where a minor delay in boarding cost our customer $625 and repeated across voyages, totaling $137,000 in losses.

Check now the "Unveiling Third-Party Performance & Operation Improvements Use Case" and explore the immense potential of data analytics in streamlining operations!.

Voyager helps companies reduce cost,
risk and complexity in their bulk shipping operations.